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Our new figures are presenting themselves new and inspiringly different. Novelties through the whole assortment of our figures and decoration material – for the whole year round or as special presents. 

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Well-Wisher Ole with fishing rod
  • NEW 2020: Well-Wisher Ole with fishing rod, light blue | Height  8 cm, with fishing rod 16 cm | item number 51141
  • Well-Wisher Ole in a paddle boat, single, light blue | item number 51142
  • Well-Wisher Ole & Svenja in a paddle boat, double, light blue | item number 51144
  • NEW 2020: Easter bunny with carrot | Height 10.5 cm | Art 2680

Decorative elements

With this socket (diameter 15 cm/5,9 in., height 3cm/1.2 in.) you purchase a lovingly manufactured decoration piece, which stages the Santa Claus figures as well as the Well-Wishers in a beautiful way. The sockets can be complemented with the bushes for the wall frames, but also with the trees in various sizes.

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  • Busch für Wandrahmen, Höhe 10 cm | natur - Artikelnummer 11006
  • Busch für Wandrahmen, Höhe 10 cm | grün, rot oder braun - Artikelnummer 11006grün
  • Dekorationssockel  mit Teelicht, natur - Artikelnummer 8510
  • Dekorationssockel  mit Teelicht, weiß - Artikelnummer 8520

Individual small series

In small series our cuddly originals become personalized advertiser.

Our cuddly originals slip into special roles as Christmas gift, birthday joy or anniversary messenger. Since every edition is unique and personalized, our individual small series are something very special for the presentee as well as for the giver. 

The shown figures only represent a small selection of already realized projects. Please contact us and we will submit you a non-binding offer. 


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